Tuesday, November 26, 2013

further and farther [grammar schmammar]

         Did you there is a different between further and farther. to me I used it any how and any where, didn't really acre about using the wright word for the wright sentence. Grammar schmammar is always the best it put you on the wright part. Farther is used as a comparative of far.you use farther for a distance..use to indicate the extent to which one thing or a person is or becoming distance from another. for example the farther away you are from your home, the better you should behave. you can also you it over a greater expanse of space or time  for a longer way. Further on the other hand is kind of the same has distance. you can say I am going   to college to further my education. further can be use has a verb. Examples are: I refuse to walk one step farther. Another examples is the mountain peak was further away than she expected.

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